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VPN DNS Leaks are a common problem this days. Did you know that your DNS servers can leak your real location ? 

Most of us get the DNS by DHCP and usually the DNS server is assigned by your Internet Service Provider however you can check if your DNS is “leaking” and  change the DNS if necessary.

To check if your DNS leaks or not go here:

Click on the “Extended test” and wait. When the test is finished if there is any DNS leak you will see your DNS IP in the list.

How to check what DNS IP you have? 

First of all you will want to check what DNS you have right now. 

Windows users can check this in Network and Sharing Center (control panel)

From Network and Sharing Center click on “Change adapter settings”

A new window will open containing all your network interfaces.

Double click on your active network interface (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) and click on “details”

In the “Network connection details” window check your DNS Server IP. If this IP is a mach with the result from the VPN DNS Leaks test then you have a leak!