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How to install the OpenVPN App and connect from Android (any device using Android: phone, tablet, etc) with the OpenVPN client

In this tutorial we used the images from our partner site ( You can download the configuration files from your account (login or register for free) > Server list.

1. To start installing OpenVPN on your Android device go to Google Play Store and download the OpenVPN for Android App.

2. Click on “Import” to add a new VPN server config.

3. Select the .ovpn configuration file (go to the location where you downloaded the server config files). In this example we used EZ File Explorer App to import the config file (you can use whatever file manager you desire)

4. Select the first option “Normal Android Way”, if that does not work then try the second one.

5. In some cases the app fails to auto detect the .crt certificate path. If you get an error similar to the one in the picture then manually select the .crt file pressing the select button.

6. Save the imported configuration. You should now have the VPN server in the Profiles list.

7. To connect press the VPN server name and enter your generated user and password. You can obtain the user and password from your account > Free VPN

IMPORTANT! After the user name add @MyAlienVPN

Example user field: MyAlienVPN_gord@MyAlienVPN

This is it! You should now have a working VPN on your Android device.

Repeat all the steps above to add more VPN servers to the list.

If you encounter problems search our Forum topics or open a new Support request in the Forum.